Advanced Swim Games

Beached Whales

Aim To develop skills for diving with a personal flotation device (PFD) Equipment PFDs, plastic bucket and sinkable items (eg. coins or rubber discs) Depth of Water Chest Deep Participants Groups of 4 or 5 Description Place the sinkable items in the pool and allow them to sink Place the bucket on the side of […]

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Dragon Boat

Aim To encourage team work and co-operation Equipment None Depth of Water Chest depth to deep water Description Players line up one behind the other at the starting point On a given signal they link up the designated grip, which may be either with legs around the waist of the player behind or with hands

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The Dredger

Aim To increase the power of the freestyle kick Equipment Kickboard for each participant Depth of Water Waist deep to deep Participants Can be done as a relay or individual activity Description Each person uses a flutter kick to cross the pool holding a kickboard outstretched in front, vertical and at least 30 centimetres below

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Aim To develop correct and powerful leg action during the eggbeater kick Equipment None Depth of Water Deep Participants This activity requires pairs Description Partners face each other, treading water using the eggbeater kick. They both place their hand on their partners head On the command ‘go’, each tries to push the other under water

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Aim A fun survival game which encourages conservation of energy and survival strokes Equipment Cones on the edge of the pool, optional use of clothing, kickboards and underwater hazards such as hoops Depth of Water Waist deep to deep Participants Groups of seven or eight Description The players start at the edge of the pool

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Full Stop

Aim  To encourage effective sculling Equipment None Depth of Water Deep Participants Individual based activity Description A player dives from the edge of the pool and immediately sculls with the hands so that their feet remain above the water The body remains in the inverted position

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Handicap Tag

Aim Warmup/Water confidence activity Equipment None Depth of Water Ankle deep to deep, according to the skill level Description The teacher decides on the handicap to be imposed, which could be swimming with one hand, hopping with one leg etc All players must observe the handicap and avoid being tagged by the tagger The one

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Hoop Dive

Aim To teach treading water, surface diving and underwater swimming Equipment Hula Hoops Depth of Water Deep Description Working in groups of 8, half the group form a circle in the deep end holding a hula hoop between them and the next member. The hula hoops should float on the surface of the water. The

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