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Unit Planner

With our AI-powered platform, you can generate a personalized unit plan to any grade level and topic in just minutes.

Rubric Maker

Simply provide the topic idea or lesson content, curriculum you wish to target and age groups and have a rubric generated in seconds.

Lesson Planner

Enter the age group, duration, intended activity and any specific curriculum you want it to connect with to get a lesson plan tailored to your needs.

Worksheet Maker

We’ll help you create engaging and informative worksheets to help students test and extend their understanding of topics.

Report Writer

Let us help you get started on your student report or feedback comments

PE Games Generator

Enter a fundamental motor or sports skill that you would like to explore in your PE classroom. Our AI algorithm will suggest 5 games for your class based on your input.

Round Robin Maker

Our AI-powered app will create a perfectly balanced tournament schedule for teams, based on the available playing areas and rounds needed.

Adapted PE Generator

This app uses AI to suggest modifications to traditional PE games and activities to make them more inclusive and accessible for students with disabilities.

Parent Communicator

Our AI-powered app helps you easily generate clear and concise communications to parents/guardians regarding important matters.

Project Brainstormer

Simply input a topic, and our tool will generate 10 unique project ideas designed to explore the topic

Test Maker

Enter a topic and we'll produce a test featuring multiple choice, short answer and other question formats with answers.

Ask ConnectedPE

Ask us any questions you have about teaching Physical Education and we'll provide you with tailored advice!