Cooperative Games

Bird’s Nest

Participants work in groups of 3. Each group has 3 similar objects (same colored balls, etc.) spread out in an open area beyond a designated line. Each group also has a basket per group in which they will place their gathered objects. One person per group assumes on of the following roles: Gatherer – this

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Think Ball

Area Any open area Equipment Sixteen numbered tennis balls Instructions Teacher divides the class into two even teams with one nominated as the batting side and the other as the fielders. Batting side line up in a single file. Fielders spread out in the fielding area with one fielder standing at each of the four

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Ship Wrecked

Area Basketball Court Equipment Two gym mats per team, hoops, balls, bats, beanbags etc Instructions Class is divided into teams of about 4-5 students. Each team is given two tumbling mats which form the ‘boat’. Teams line up at the baseline of the basketball court and face across to the opposite baseline. The court area

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Human Knots

Area Any area Equipment Nil Instructions Divide the class into small groups of 5-6 students. Each group of students then form a small circle with shoulders almost touching. Each student then puts out their left hand and takes hold of someone’s hand. They then put out their right hand and grab a different persons right

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Hot Plate

Area Any area Equipment Two Basketballs, One Hoop, Four Cones Instructions Divide the class into two even teams. Teams stand facing each other about 4 metres apart. Each team member stands with an arms distance between each other. Teacher numbers each student from the left hand side to the right hand side so that number

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Rapid Nuggets

Area Open Space Equipment 20 – 30 Tennis Balls Instructions Depending on class size the teacher may decide to make smaller groups or have the entire class work as a team. Students assemble inside the designated playing area. When ready the teacher throws all tennis balls from a bucket or box. Students then scramble to

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