Think Ball


Any open area


Sixteen numbered tennis balls


Teacher divides the class into two even teams with one nominated as the batting side and the other as the fielders. Batting side line up in a single file. Fielders spread out in the fielding area with one fielder standing at each of the four hoops which are setup like baseball bases. In turn each batter comes to bat and then returns to the end of the line. Batters stand at first base and attempt to throw all 16 tennis balls that are in a bucket/box out into the fielding area. All 16 balls are numbered from 1-16 and fielders must return the correct balls to the correct base. Balls 1-4 go to first base, balls 5-8 go to second base, balls 9-12 go to third base and balls 13-16 go to fourth base. Base fielders collect the balls thrown to them from the fielders and place them in their hoops. Once all balls are back in their correct positions the fielding team all yell “STOP”. While balls are being fielded the batter runs around the rest of the batting team that are lined up in a single file. Each batter scores one run for every successful lap completed, they keep scoring until they hear STOP. Batting team also score 3 runs for every ball that was incorrectly placed inside the wrong hoop. The game continues when batter number 2 comes up to bat while number 1 goes to the end of the line.

Video Instructions



Allow or Disallow running with a ball. Modify how the batter scores runs