June 27, 2018

Odds and Evens

Area Hall, grass, hard surface. Equipment None Instructions Class breaks into two teams and line up in the centre of the playing area back to back about one metre apart – Each student should have a direct opponent – One team is nominated as the “odds” the other is the “evens” – Students stand still […]

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Sideways Race

Area Hall, grass, hard surface. Equipment None Instructions Class are divided into teams of four – Teams stand one behind the other facing the teacher – Team members join hands and watch teachers directions – Teachers stand out in front of class with arms raised above head – Teacher gives signal by dropping one arm

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Grab the Quoit

Area Hall, grass, hard surface. Equipment Quoits equal to half the number of students Instructions Players lie face down on floor with feet pointing to playing area with approx half a metre between students – Teacher spreads quoits around the area, being careful they are not placed close to walls – On teachers signal students

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Fruit Salad

Area Hall, grass, hard surface. Equipment None Instructions Class sit in circle with about one metre between each student – Each student is given the name of a piece of fruit – In a large class you should have 2 or 3 students with the same fruit – Teacher selects one student to sit in

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Dog and Bone

Area Hall, grass, hard surface. Equipment Skittle or Upside Down Cone, Hoop Instructions Two even groups line up on either side of the playing area and are given a number that corresponds to a student on opposite side of the court. A skittle is placed in a hoop in the middle of the court. Teacher

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Captain and Crew

Area Hall, grass, hard surface. Equipment None Instructions Class line up down the centre of the working area. Teacher stands at front and calls out directions.”Port” class run to left side, “Starboard” class run to right side, “Captain Coming”, class stand still and salute, “Scrub the Deck”, class crouch down and pretend to scrub the

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Think Ball

Area Any open area Equipment Sixteen numbered tennis balls Instructions Teacher divides the class into two even teams with one nominated as the batting side and the other as the fielders. Batting side line up in a single file. Fielders spread out in the fielding area with one fielder standing at each of the four

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Ship Wrecked

Area Basketball Court Equipment Two gym mats per team, hoops, balls, bats, beanbags etc Instructions Class is divided into teams of about 4-5 students. Each team is given two tumbling mats which form the ‘boat’. Teams line up at the baseline of the basketball court and face across to the opposite baseline. The court area

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Human Knots

Area Any area Equipment Nil Instructions Divide the class into small groups of 5-6 students. Each group of students then form a small circle with shoulders almost touching. Each student then puts out their left hand and takes hold of someone’s hand. They then put out their right hand and grab a different persons right

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