Bird’s Nest

Participants work in groups of 3. Each group has 3 similar objects (same colored balls, etc.) spread out in an open area beyond a designated line. Each group also has a basket per group in which they will place their gathered objects. One person per group assumes on of the following roles:

Gatherer – this person is blindfolded, non-verbal and the only member allowed across the designated line to gather the group’s objects.

Instructor – this person is blindfolded as well but the only person in the group that can speak. It is their job to give directions to the “gatherer.”

Spotter – this person can see but not talk. It is his/her responsibility to visually locate the group’s objects and give non-verbal directions to the “instructor” in order for the “gatherer” to locate the objects.
Once blindfolded, the gatherer will move through the open area (bumpers up) attempting to locate and gather their objects. The “instructor” should be seated behind the designated line and the spotter should stand directly behind them. The challenge is for the gathered to collect the group’s objects and place them in the basket with the help of the “instructors”, directions. Allow participants to change roles.