Playing Area / Space Required: Individual mats in the gym.
Equipment: Mats

1 on 1 contests between 2 people, where there is a winner, loser, or a tie.
Place a sign on the wall on one side of the gym with WIN/TIE, and the other side LOSE.

Place gymnastics mats down the center of the gym. You will need 1 mat for 2 people.

Start with kids circled up around a mat in the center of the gym and explain what combatives are and demonstrate the first contest.

When you win you go stand under the win sign and wait for the next person to be your new partner. Same when you lose or tie. Preface that no more than one person should be waiting against the wall. This gives kids several different opportunities to have different partners.

When you hear a whistle, circle around the center mat for a demo of the next contest. Pick 2 different kids to demonstrate each time.

#1 Toe Fencing

2 kids stand on the mat facing each other with their hands on each other’s shoulders.

On go, the first person to tap the other person’s toes or feet 3 times wins. Kids move around trying to touch the other person’s foot. No slamming your partners foot.

#2 Knee Fencing

2 kids stand on the mat facing each other . Kids will move around trying to touch the other person’s knee 3 times. It’s not fair to touch one knee three times fast with your hand.

#3 Finger Fencing

Stand facing a partner on a mat. Hold your right hand together like you are shaking it, and hold your left foot with your left hand. On go, the first person to push or pull the other off the mat or make the person drop their foot wins. Preface that you should not be yanking a person and catch them if they are going to fall.

#4 Breakdown

Get in push up position facing a partner. On go the first person to grab the hand or forearm and break the person down wins. Make sure the kids don’t grap the elbow. Make sure you have someone your own size for this event.

#5 Bear Wrestling

Two kids wearing a flag or tuck a jersey in their pant or pocket. Kids will move around the mat and try to remove their partner’s flag first to win.

#6 Crab Wrestle

2 kids stand side by side (right shoulder to right shoulder). Sit down in crab position with hip touching hip. On go, kids will try to push the other person off the mat or have them fall from crab position to win. It is important to have someone your own size.

Kids love this activity. It works great with elementary to 6th grade students.

Game Submitted by Melissa Marks