June 28, 2018

Beat the Basket

Instructions Two even teams are required. Batters line up on the sideline of the court, fielders spread out anywhere on the court. Number 1 batter starts with the ball and number one fielder starts at the basketball ring. On signal to start, the batter throws the ball anywhere inside the court area. The batter then […]

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Beat the Ball

Area Outside on a full baseball/softball diamond Equipment 4 bases, baseball glove, bats and ball Instructions Players position themselves on the bases of the softball/baseball diamond, with extra players taking up positions within the outfield. Batters hit a pitched ball into the playing area and attempt to run around the playing area without stopping. The

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Base Football

Area Outside on a full baseball/softball diamond Equipment 4 bases, one football Instructions The game is played in the same way as baseball with the same playing area along with bases and fielding positions. In this game the pitcher handballs a football to the batter who catches the ball and then within 3 seconds kicks

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Area An appropriate hard indoor/outdoor surface Equipment Basketball or other Large ball Instructions Players attempt to make the ball spin for as long as possible. Players use one or both hands to spin the large balls on a smooth surface. Variation Vary the size of the balls and compete as team or individuals for longest

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Area Designated area approx 20m x 10m Equipment Tennis ball or other small ball Instructions 6 -8 Players pass the bowitgee (tennis ball) among themselves while moving around in the grid area. The group counts the number of passes made in a designated period of time (for example, 60 seconds). The bowitgee must not be

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Area A basketball court or soccer field Equipment Soccer Ball (Buroinjin) Instructions Two teams of 6 -8 Players. The buroinjin is thrown into the air in the middle of the playing area to begin the game. The aim is for a player of one team to run as far as possible with the ball and

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Area A designated area large enough for your group Equipment Soccer Ball (Parndo) Instructions Players kick the parndo as high as possible into the air and attempt to catch it. The players stand together in a circle or next to each other in a line. One of the players drops the parndo to his or

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Area A designated indoor/outdoor field Equipment Tennis Ball, small beach ball or pateka Instructions Groups of 4-8 players form a circle. The ball is thrown into the air and each player passes it to another by striking the ball upwards with the palm of the hand. Objective is to keep the kai going for as

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Area Half basketball court or similar size Equipment Hockey Stick and Tennis Ball (kokan) Instructions Players hit the kokan to other players within the playing area as par t of a continuous and random passing activity. The object of the game is for the players to pass the kokan around among themselves while moving around

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Target Soccer

Area Any indoor/outdoor playing area Equipment Cones, Soccer balls Instructions Two teams line up on the sideline of the basketball court or similar approx 20m apart. Each team begins with either two or three balls. The aim is for players to kick the ball from behind their line and knock over a cone in the

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