Beat the Ball


Outside on a full baseball/softball diamond


4 bases, baseball glove, bats and ball


Players position themselves on the bases of the softball/baseball diamond, with extra players taking up positions within the outfield. Batters hit a pitched ball into the playing area and attempt to run around the playing area without stopping. The fielding team must collect the ball and throw it in succession to first base, then second base, then third base and finally to the home base. If the batter beats the ball to the home base their team scores one run, if the ball beats the batter to the home base the batter is out. Each member of the batting side take a turn before the fielding side have their turn batting. No strikes of fouls are involved in the game with each batter batting until they hit the ball successfully. Batter is not out if the ball is caught on the full


Modify the softball/baseball to another sport like soccer or football. The ball could also travel in the opposite direction to the runner