A basketball court or soccer field


Soccer Ball (Buroinjin)


  • Two teams of 6 -8 Players.
  • The buroinjin is thrown into the air in the middle of the playing area to begin the game.
  • The aim is for a player of one team to run as far as possible with the ball and cross over a line at the other end of the field.
  • He or she attempts to do this without being touched by an opponent.
  • There are no player positions or offside, and the buroinjin can be thrown in any direction.
  • The game is played by running and passing and does not stop if a player drops the buroinjin.
  • Immediately a player with the buroinjin is touched, it has to be thrown up and away (at least 2–3 metres in the air) by that player, for team‑mates or the opposing players to attempt to pick up. The player who was touched may not catch the buroinjin.


Add an extra ball to the playing group. Allow two steps after players are touched by opposition