June 28, 2018

Forming Groups

Birthday Months Students arrange themselves into the months of their birthdays. To ensure even teams you will need to modify the final result. This method will allow for a maximum number 12 teams, however you can group months together to get a smaller number. For example all of those students born in October – December. […]

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Wheel Relay

Area Any open space Equipment Four balls or battons, cones equal to number of teams Instructions Class is divided into four equal teams. Each team stands in a straight line facing anti-clockwise 90 degrees from each other, forming what looks like the four spokes of a wheel. Number one student from each team places a

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Jacobs Ladder

Area Any open space Equipment None Instructions Two even teams line up opposite each other down the centre of the playing area. Each team members stands opposite a member of the opposing team. Each pair sit down with the soles of their feet touching, legs straight and resting with a slight backward lean on the

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Color Band Weave

Area Hall, grass, hard surface. Equipment Colorbands, four large cones Instructions The class is divided into four even teams. Each team forms a circle in the four corners of the playing area, while a large cone is placed in the centre of the playing area. All students wear a colorband, Students in each corner are

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Chest Ball

Area Any open space Equipment One ball per team Instructions Class are divided into teams of an even number. Each team is then divided into two and half of each team move to opposite end of the playing area, facing the other half from their team. First two students in each team place a ball

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Chain Relay

Area Any open space Equipment Two cones per team Instructions Class is divided into even groups of about 3 – 5 students. Each group line up in a single file behind a cone marker facing a second cone about 10 – 15 metres in front of them. On the teachers signal the front student in

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Boccer Ball

Area Basketball Court Equipment Large Dodgeball (approx size of a soccerball) and 2 large crash mats placed underneath each basketball hoop. Instructions Two teams playing a game of basketball. No dribbling allowed. Ball must be passed in the air to teamates. When a team gets a basket, award 2 points. However, if the ball touches

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Volleyball Scramble

Area Indoor or outdoor volleyball court Equipment Volleyball court and net, approximately 8 volleyballs Instructions Two even teams stand opposite each other on a volleyball court. Each team has the same number of volleyballs approximately 4 to 5. On the teachers instructions, each team throws the volleyball over to the opposite side of the court

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Variation Baseball

Area Any open area inside or outside Equipment Soft volleyball, cones/markers, colourbands Instructions Two even teams are required. Batters line up in batting order along the end line. Fielders spread out over the playing area with one fielder nominated as the pitcher. Pitcher bowls an underarm ball to the batter who hits the ball with

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