The PE Geek

AI Tools in PE

Join us for a truly immersive, hands-on, 60-minute webinar that’s set to revolutionise your approach to physical education teaching. At ConnectedPE, we’ve pioneered a suite of groundbreaking AI tools designed to streamline everything from lesson planning to report writing. But this isn’t just your average webinar – it’s a real-time, interactive learning experience. During the […]

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Harnessing Video Feedback in PE

Who Is This Webinar For: This session is tailored for Physical Education teachers who have access to devices that can leverage the Google Chrome browser (laptops, Chromebooks) and are keen on transforming these gadgets into powerful feedback instruments. 1. The transformative role of video feedback in skill development2. Why hands-free video delay trumps traditional video

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The A-Z of PE Apps

In this webinar, I set myself a challenge to come up with a list of apps that follow alphabetical order, selecting only one app from each letter.  The process of compiling the list proved to be difficult, as many share the same starting letters, ultimately resulting in a need to select one between many favourites.

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Tech and PE Masterclass

Recorded at ConnectedPE LIVE 2017 in Dubai Join world renowned physical educator Jarrod Robinson “The PE Geek” for an action packed masterclass workshop focussed on integrating emerging technologies into PE classrooms. Jarrod will explore current technologies and emerging pedagogies which are being used in innovative Physical Education classrooms around world.  

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Powerful Rubric Assessments

In this course we’ll be exploring how to utilise the FREE Easy Rubric app for iPad (made by us at ConnectedPE). Easy Rubric is a versatile and user-friendly app, designed to minimise the time and effort involved in assessing students and classes of all ages, levels and learning environments. With Easy Rubric you can •

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Automagic Certificate Creation

In this course you’ll learn how to ‘automagically’ create stunning certificates using Google Drive & AutoCrat. Throughout the course you’ll learn the following; How to setup a simple Google Form to capture information How to create a Certificate template using Google Slides Ways to make stunning pro level designs with Canva How to piece it

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