Powerful Rubric Assessments

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In this course we’ll be exploring how to utilise the FREE Easy Rubric app for iPad (made by us at ConnectedPE). Easy Rubric is a versatile and user-friendly app, designed to minimise the time and effort involved in assessing students and classes of all ages, levels and learning environments.

With Easy Rubric you can

• Build or import your own class lists

• Build or import your own rubrics

• Assess students by simply selecting a class list and rubric

• Assess individual students against relevant assessment criteria

• Use its flexibility to measure students’ progress against achievement descriptors

• Generate reports that can be edited, exported, printed and archived

In the classroom, Easy Rubric can be used as a valuable tool to empower students. If the teacher chooses, students can have input into their assessment criteria and even design their own rubric. Students become self directed learners and all the guesswork is taken out of the assessment as they set their own benchmarks for their work.

By the end of this course you will be confident in leveraging the app in your assessment processes.