Trunk Rotation Test


The trunk rotation test is a measure of dynamic flexibility that measures range of motion of the hips and shoulders


Chalk and a solid wall


  1. Mark a vertical line on the wall with chalk. Have the participant stand with their back to the wall directly in front of the line.
  2. Have them stand about an arm’s length away from the wall with their feet shoulder width apart
  3. Have them extend their arms out directly in front so they are parallel to the floor
  4. They twist their trunk to the right and touch the wall behind them with their fingertips. Their arms should stay extended and parallel to the floor. They can turn their shoulders, hips knees as long as their feet don’t move
  5. Mark the position where the fingertips touched the wall. Measure the distance between the vertical line and the where the fingertips reached. A point before the line gives a negative score and a point after the line gives a positive score
  6. Repeat on opposite side of the body