Sit and Reach Test


To measure static flexibility of the hamstring muscles


A sit and reach box (preferred) or a box and ruler


  1. The participant performs a thorough warmup and dynamic stretching
  2. Have participants remove their shoes and sit on the floor with head back and hips at 90 degree angle from the hip joint
  3. Have the participant extend one leg at a time while the sole of the other foot remains against the inside of the extended leg’s knee
  4. The participant places one hand on top of the other and reaches as far forward as possible along the measuring line
  5. Ensure that the hands remain at the same level, not one reaching further forward than the other.
  6. After some practice reaches, the subject reaches out and holds that position for at least one-two seconds while the distance is recorded. A negative score is when the participant doesn’t reach the box, a positive score is when they reach the box.