Replay It Video Delay on Google Chrome

If you’ve followed this website or completed any of our webinars you’ll know of my love for video delay basedapplications such as ‘BaM Video Delay‘ & ‘Video Coach‘. However, while these have been excellent for mobile devices I often get asked about tools that make video delay possible on laptops and chromebooks. The problem is that there really has been nothing available. So with this in mind, I set out to change it by bringing to life a FREE Video Delay tool for the Google Chrome Web Browser.

Introducing Replay It

Replay It is the worlds first Video Delay application made exclusively for Google Chrome. A simple yet powerful real-time video analysis tool that helps you analyse and improve your sporting activities or the performance of your students or athletes.

How to use Replay It in your PE Classroom?

  1. Teaching any discrete skills? Setup a laptop/chromebook with the webcam pointing towards the action with a 5-10 second delay. After students complete the skill they move to the laptop to review, repeating this process over and over
  2. Create your own Third Umpire Setup during team games enabling an injured student to watch replays and make tough decisions for the class. A great addition to a Sports Education Unit
  3. Connect Replay it to a large screen using a Chromecast or Projector cord and bring large screen replays to the entire class
  4. Have students self assess themselves using a peer assessment sheet while watching their replays
  5. Complete the following webinar to learn more here