Passing vs Shooting


Any open space


Basketball or Netball


Class are divided into two teams, Passers and Runners. The passing team form a circle in the middle of the playing area with one team member in the centre of the circle holding a ball. Running team form a straight line at the side of the playing area. On the teachers signal the passing team start passing the ball around the circle from the centre to outside and back. Each pass caught by the centre person scores one point. The centre player keeps progressive scores. At the same signal the first member of the running team runs out and around the circle made by the passing team and back to the start of the running line, where they tag the next in line. After making the tag all members move up one spot, while the first runner goes to the back of the line. Passers keep scoring as runners run in turn around the circle. When last runner runs back to the head of the line the running team all call out “STOP”. The passing team stop passing and call out the total score. The teams then swap roles. The winner is the team with the highest total passing score