Introducing Concept Based Learning

This webinar aims to revolutionize the way we approach the PE curriculum by exploring the concept-based learning approach.

During the presentation, we will delve into key topics such as:

  • Ideas for an ‘Ideal’ PE Curriculum: Exploring essential components of an effective PE curriculum and addressing diverse student needs in physical education.
  • Modifying a PE Curriculum: Identifying crucial considerations and questions when adapting a PE curriculum to ensure alignment with educational standards and student interests.
  • Understanding ‘Concept-Based Learning’: Defining the concept-based approach in the context of physical education and exploring how concepts can drive meaningful learning experiences.
  • The Benefits of Concept-Based Learning: Examining the advantages of integrating concept-based learning in PE and highlighting its potential to foster deeper understanding and transferable skills.
  • Simplified Implementation of Concept-Based Learning: Sharing practical strategies to incorporate concept-based learning in PE classes and offering actionable tips for making concept-based learning accessible and engaging.