To measure anaerobic capacity/power and associated level of fatigue with repeated sprints


Scales, stopwatch, measuring tape, markers and at least a 50m track


  1. Complete a thorough warm-up and dynamic stretches
  2. Weigh each subject prior to the test for use in calculations.
  3. Set up cones at each end of 35 meters of running track. Two testers may be required, as one person is required to time each run of 35 meters, the other to time the 10 seconds recovery period.
  4. The subject stands at one end of the 35m track, and starts a maximal sprint on the command ‘go’.
  5. Ensure the subject sprints maximally through the line each time. After 10 seconds, the next sprint starts from the opposite end of the 35 m track. Repeat this procedure until six sprints are completed.


    • One of both hands come off your hips

power = 1125 x mass ÷ time^3

    • You can determine the level of fatigue by utilising the following formula below

((maximum power – minimum power) ÷ total time for the 6 sprints)

Source: http://www.brianmac.co.uk/rast.htm