Mine, Yours

An easy game that allows participants to learn a lot of names very quickly.


A soft object that can be thrown around a circle (*optional – this game can be played with or without a throwing object)

How to Play

  1. Participants to sit or stand in a circle
  2. The instructor begins by saying their own name, followed by someone elses in the circle. At the same time they throw the object to this person (eg. John, Kate)
  3. The person who receives the object now says their own name, followed by someone elses (eg. Kate, Matt) and throws object to a different person
  4. The game can continue for as long as needed, once it is moving very quickly it can be assumed that participants know each others names


  • To play the game without an object you can simply voice the game or you may like to use a rythmic clapping sequence (knee slap followed by a clap for example)