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The PE Games Database

The PE Games Database

After a few months of work behind the scenes, we’ve just dropped the latest resource into ConnectedPE Membership. 

“The PE Games Database”

Inside the database you’ll find 100’s of Games that you can play with your PE Groups covering a wide variety of categories including;

  • Forming Groups
  • Chasing Games
  • Relay Games
  • Reaction Games
  • General Games
  • Major Games
  • Swimming Games
  • Group Games

As you browse through hundreds of games and activities, you can save these to your ‘Lesson Plan‘ for a quick overview glance of the activities you intend to use in your session. These features even allows you to download and print the games including your lesson plan for your convenience.Each game includes the instructions, equipment and everything you need to play the game.

See how it works in the video below

Access the PE Games Database inside ConnectedPE Membership by joining here




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Known online as 'The PE Geek', Jarrod is also the founder of ConnectedPE Community, a global provider of high level professional development for PE Teachers.
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