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The New ConnectedPE Challenges

The New ConnectedPE Challenges

As a Teacher, you’re already busy enough. So when it comes to completing your professional development requirements, it’s often extremely difficult to get the time to make it happen. Not to mention, that when you do, you’re usually required to travel extensive distances or pay over inflated registration fees.This would be all well and good, but the majority of the training you’re made to complete is simply irrelevant and results in nothing but your time being wasted.

Not to mention that if for whatever reason life gets in the way and you miss the workshop or conference, then you miss out.

It’s just plain wrong…..

So that’s why I’m super excited to be able to announce a brand new feature inside ConnectedPE Membership designed to help you navigate through the incredible array of content we have inside.

Introducing ConnectedPE Challenges which are designed to motivate and engage you in meaningful learning around best practice in the PE classroom.

See how it all works in the video below and get started whenever you’re ready by joining ConnectedPE here

Jarrod Robinson

Known online as 'The PE Geek', Jarrod is also the founder of ConnectedPE Community, a global provider of high level professional development for PE Teachers.
Jarrod Robinson

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