The Cardio-Respiratory System Activity

Introduction The cardio-respiratory system is called upon towork hard during physical activity.It must take in air, extract oxygen, circulate blood quickly tosupply oxygen, water and nutrients to the muscle cells aswell as take carbon dioxide and wastes away from the cells andbreathe out to expel the carbon dioxide.Participate in an aerobic workout or sport and

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Teams Consists of 11 players with up to 2 substitutes Start of Play A kick off is taken At the beginning of the game To start the second half After a goal is scored (by the team losing the goal) All players must be in their own half (defending half of the ground) and the

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Teams Each team may have 5 players on the court and up to 5 substitutes whom can be interchanged at any stage. Game Length Games consist of 4 by 12 minute quarters, with each half commencing with a jump ball in the centre circle. During the jump ball the ball must be tapped to team

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Basic Rules A game starts with a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss gets to decide whether they would serve or receive first OR what side of the court they want to be on. The side losing the toss shall then exercise the remaining choice. At no time during the game should the player touch

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