Throwing Video Analysis Task

The sporting action of throwing is critical to success in many physical activities and sports. An athlete’s ability to adapt this sporting action will enable successful performance in varied environments and an inability to master the correct action will limit opportunities for maximal participation. The correct sporting action for throwing should demonstrate the following: *

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Coaching Observation Activity

The success of a coach is based on the application of good coaching principles. An effective coach possesses the knowledge, leadership qualities, is organized, respected, can communicate effectively, and has a personable approach. Aim:To analyze the application of good coaching principles in a training session Procedure: Attend a training session at a local club and

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Teams 7 players are permitted on the court at any one time. This includes one goalkeeper and six field players Substitutes Substitutes can be made at any time during the game as long as the player being substituted has left the court. Playing the Ball Players are permitted: To throw, hit or punch the ball

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Field Hockey

Teams Each team consists of eleven players plus up to 7 substitutes Start/Restart of Game To start the play at the beginning of the game, after half time and after each goal a PASS BACK is played from the centre of the field. All players (except the player taking the pass back) must be in

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