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On Demand Professional Learning

On Demand Professional Learning

What is ConnectedPE?

ConnectedPE is an online platform that provides teachers and educators with 24/7 access to an extensive library of resources. Giving you full support with training and professional development, you’ll be able to take your PE classroom to the next level. 

Designed exclusively for PE teachers, this state-of-the-art resource connects educators from all over the world via an online forum and annual physical education conferences. Providing high-level tools, 100s of hours of training and a game database, it will prove to be invaluable in the long term.

Helping 1000s of PE Teachers Around the World

No matter where you’re located in the world, ConnectedPE is here to help. On-demand training that’s easily accessible at any time and on any device, you’ll have the flexibility that you require to learn whilst on the go. An innovative platform, over the years, we’ve helped thousands of teachers receive professional development via our video courses. 

What Features Does it Offer?

  • Training Videos – which you can pause, stop rewind and complete at your own pace.
  • Exportable Notes – that you can read and learn from within a time frame that suits you.
  • Internal Interest Groups – in which you can discuss with other educators particular topics and resources.
  • Exclusive Monthly Webinars
  • Resources That Are Only For Members
  • Individualised Training & Support
  • Bespoke Certificates 
  • Community Spotlights
  • Free Workshops Available Globally
  • Access to HD Recordings From the ConnectedPE Annual Conference

Meredith’s ConnectedPE Journey

Meredith had been working part-time whilst looking after her child at home. Lacking the contact with the school that she works in, she wanted to find a way to do professional development at a pace that suited her bespoke needs. Also, the school had started to grow, meaning that not all teachers had access to the PD resources that they required. 

Previously, Meredith was on the basic level of ConnectedPE. But once she knew that she required more extensive training and resources, she opted to upgrade to a VIP membership. With the knowledge of the basic courses that ConnectedPE had to offer, she had no doubts that the membership would provide the support that she needed.

Opening up the opportunities, she loves the on-demand features, the group discussion forum and the ability to meet with all of the presenters. She also loves hearing from and discussing ideas with other educators all over the world. With a premium feature that allows her to go back and watch them in her own time, it gave her the flexibility that she needed.

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