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Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation in Junior PE with Ryan Ellis

Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation in Junior PE with Ryan Ellis

In the post we feature a recording from the 2016 ConnectedPE Online Conference with Ryan Ellis. This session was incredibly well received and provides you with a deep look at how you can instil intrinsic motivation in your students. Take Notes!

Session Outline:

During this session Ryan will highlight the ever changing ‘avatar’ of children in primary/elementary schools of today and focus on how to guide students to intrinsically motivate themselves in Physical Education.

Children are born naturally curious and self motivated to explore and seek answers. Where and when does this change?

Discover ideas based on research that can help Primary and PE teachers continue nurturing intrinsic motivation amongst their students by focusing on three key areas in their lessons/teaching: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

Get ideas for activities that keep the motivational fire inside students well into their teens and beyond.

Watch the recording below

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