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Connected Quality PE

How are all the activities we do in our physical education classes connected? What exactly is “best practice” and how should I make sure that I am providing my students with a well rounded physical education experience? Join Nathan Horne, as he challenges you to think about what quality physical education looks like and how all the little things we do connect together to give our students the best chance at being confident and competent movers long into their adult years. In this keynote Nathan will share his thoughts on how we can connect the dots to create quality physical education for our students.


Masterclass Workshop

Connect the Dots to QPE

Get active and moving as we get hands on with connecting the dots to QPE. Nathan Horne will lead you through 90 minutes of game design, practice and assessment to ensure that everything that you do in your physical education classes has a purpose. This masterclass will focus on pedagogical principles of game design using the Teaching Games for Understanding model and Game Sense approach. Participants will connect the dots between planning, practice and assessment as we explore strategies to enable your students to become confident and competent movers long into their adult years.



Nathan Horne is currently the elementary physical education teacher and Head of Student Welfare & Enrichment at ISS International School in Singapore. He is also the founder of iPhys-Ed.com: the definitive guide to inquiry based technology integration in physical education.

Nathan has previous teaching experience in national and international schools in Australia, the UK, Cambodia and Italy and advocates strongly for quality physical education for each and every student. Nathan is committed to collaborating with physical educators to improve the standard of teaching and learning in physical education classes worldwide. He has presented his ideas at local, national and international conferences and workshops in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Nathan believes that physical education is an area where students can meaningfully use technology to help them think critically and reflect upon their knowledge, skills and understandings. His award winning website, iPhys-Ed.com, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Physical Education in the 21st Century by highlighting best practice in Inquiry based learning and technology integration in Physical Education. It aims to showcase physical educators who are at the cutting edge of their profession and inspire the #PhysEd community to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Physical Education worldwide. Nathan enjoys drinking coffee, travelling and playing ball hockey.

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