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Meet Our 2017 Masterclass Leaders

Meet Our 2017 Masterclass Leaders

When I sat down to craft the ConnectedPE Conference experience, I immediately included ‘masterclass’ sessions which would enable attendees to get hyper-focused in extended 90 minute workshops designed to go deeper in topics of interest.

With this in mind I wanted to share the upcoming Masterclass sessions for the 2017 ConnectedPE Conference being held in Dubai, this upcoming October 13-14. You can join us at the ConnectedPE Conference by registering at here

Masterclass Sessions

Associate Professor Shane Pill

The Game Sense approach: Modifying games using a constraints-led perspective

In this workshop you will participate in the modification of games using a constraints-led perspective, using various invasion games as examples of the designer games that could be used in a number of sports. Participants will also look at student game design using a “backyard game” template to design games by manipulating primary and secondary game rules.

Dale Sidebottom

Taking Fitness to the Next Level Revamped

This session will blow your mind with exciting and adventurous fitness material you have never seen before. Learn how to use musical workouts, fitness board games, dice & cards, story based fitness workouts and much more to engage your students. This is a practical session you will not want to miss. This is a completely new workshop to the standout session Dale facilitated last year.

Dr Victoria Goodyear

Appy Days

This masterclass will address how physical educators might respond to what young people learn about health from social media, apps, and wearable technologies. You will explore (i) lessons that youth have engaged with to promote their health-related learning in new ways, (ii) evidenced based guidelines on social media and health apps for schools/teachers, and (iii) pedagogical approaches designed by physical educators for the effective use of social media, apps, and wearable technologies

Jace Ferguson

FUNdamental Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games are always a great way to develop and assess the core Physical Literacy concepts that students need to begin their life-long journey through physical activity and wellbeing. In this session Jace will introduce some of his favorite cooperative games that develop the movement competency, tactical and critical understanding, motivation/behaviors skills, and personal and social attributes that students need to be active in life while having FUN and usually forgetting about the score in the game. Bring your shoes, shorts, smile and get ready to participate in an engaging session of cooperative games!

Tracy Lockwood

TDfU – Keep students ACTIVE with DANCE!

Develop physical literacy and keep students ACTIVE with dance! This workshop will introduce you to the 6 Phases of the Teaching Dance for Understanding (TDfU) framework as you discover an engaging, relevant and physically-active model designed to infuse simplicity and fun into your PE program! Learn simple moves from a variety of world dance styles (Hip Hop, African, Bollywood etc) as you experience lessons that foster physical literacy, interpersonal, creative and teamwork skills.

Carl Condliffe

Practical Applications of Gamification in Physical Education

This session will explore the concept of gamification and take a closer look at game mechanics and pairing them with PE games and activities that you can take away and implement with your classes immediately.The session will conclude with an escape room challenge which builds on the game mechanic of Narrative. Two teams will go head to head to complete the puzzle, solving clues along the way as we demonstrate learning through literacy, numeracy and physical dimensions.

Jo Bailey

Teaching Physical Education Affectively

The affective domain might just be the key to ensuring that our students are not only physical literate but that they choose to engage in a variety of physical activities throughout their lives. This active session will explore a range of teaching strategies and ideas designed to target student learning and development in the affective domain. We will examine how we can tailor our teaching to help our students develop a growth mindset towards their physical skills, increasing their self-efficacy along the way.

Ilse Fullarton

Upgrading your Students’ Health and Wellbeing

You will start this session by completing a ‘Health Check’ for your own teaching/school. This will determine how health and wellbeing (movement, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset) can be integrated into both PE and the whole school setting. Using practical examples, you will begin to formulate a ‘Health Plan’ that will truly upgrade the health and wellbeing of your school, including collaboration with other schools and leadership of new ideas within your school. You will leave with a realistic, achievable plan, which will make a true difference to the health and wellbeing of your students.

Jarrod Robinson

The PE Geek: Technology and Physical Education

Join world renowned physical educator Jarrod Robinson “The PE Geek” for an action packed masterclass workshop focussed on integrating emerging technologies into PE classrooms. Jarrod will explore current technologies and emerging pedagogies which are being used in innovative Physical Education classrooms around world.




Jarrod Robinson

Jarrod Robinson

Known online as 'The PE Geek', Jarrod is also the founder of ConnectedPE Community, a global provider of high level professional development for PE Teachers.
Jarrod Robinson

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