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Meet Our 2017 Keynote Speakers

Meet Our 2017 Keynote Speakers

The ConnectedPE Conference is returning in 2017 and is set to be bigger and better than the last. In its first year the conference connected 160 Physical Education Teachers from over 25 countries for an epic two day event of learning and networking.

ConnectedPE is a new type of Physical Education Conference, one that focuses on supporting professional development not just on the day of the event, but also in the lead-up and follow-up to the event. It’s a year long professional development experience, like no other. 

With this in mind I wanted to share the upcoming Keynote sessions for the 2017 ConnectedPE Conference being held in Dubai, this upcoming October 13-14.  You can join us at the ConnectedPE Conference by registering at connectedpe.com/conference

Dr Shane Pill

Flinders University, Australia

Keynote: Practice to Play by Play as Practice with Purpose

Keynote Outline

This talk will examine the Game Sense approach as a game-based pedagogy explained by a constraints-led perspective for play with purpose. It will speak to the vital role of physical and sport education developing the movement competency and habits of mind that enable people to feel confident in moving and therefore choose to be active. Competency development will be positioned within the long standing aim of PE and sport to contribute to the physically educated person via the concept of sport literacy as education in, through and about sport.


Jo Bailey


Keynote: Physical Education: The Trip of a Lifetime

Keynote Outline

Teaching PE really is akin to taking the trip of a lifetime. It’s a journey of constant twists and turns, unexpected surprises, and unknown pit stops along the way. The question is what should you pack for this adventure? Just don’t forget your toothbrush!


Andy Vasily


Keynote: Changing Lives

Keynote Outline

In looking back at our own journeys, we all have specific reasons for choosing a career in the field of physical education and health. This keynote will challenge you to define why it is you chose this profession and to reflect deeply on the impact that you can have on changing lives forever through the work that you do. Striving to make a difference requires us to know and understand the guiding principles that not only allow us to thrive but also provide us the strength needed to face the inevitable hardship and obstacles we will no doubt experience at different times throughout our career.

What are the guiding principles that have allowed you to find joy, happiness, and success in the work that you do? Why is it so important to constantly reflect on our own journey of personal and professional growth? And lastly, how will the footprint you leave on our profession impact the next generation of teachers and students. These questions will be explored throughout this keynote speech.


Dr Victoria Goodyear

University of Birmingham

Keynote: Digital Learning: Social Media, Apps and Wearable Devices

Keynote Outline

This keynote will illustrate and analyse the complex relationship between (i) young people, (ii) their engagement with social media, apps and wearable devices and (iii) the impacts on their health and wellbeing.

The keynote will be based on evidence drawn from over 1000 UK adolescents (age 13-18) and aims to:

  1. Demonstrate how young people use and navigate social media and health-related technologies
  2. Evaluate the impact of social media and health-related technologies on young people’s health and wellbeing
  3. Offer guidance for physical educators on effective and appropriate forms of educational support.  
Jarrod Robinson

Jarrod Robinson

Known online as 'The PE Geek', Jarrod is also the founder of ConnectedPE Community, a global provider of high level professional development for PE Teachers.
Jarrod Robinson

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