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As a Teacher, you’re already busy enough. So when it comes to completing your professional development requirements, it’s often extremely difficult to get the time to make it happen. Not to mention, that when you do, you’re usually required to travel extensive distances or pay over inflated registration fees.This would be all well and good, but the majority of the training you’re made to complete is simply irrelevant and results in nothing but your time being wasted.

Not to mention that if for whatever reason life gets in the way and you miss the workshop or conference, then you miss out.

It’s just plain wrong…..

So what if a teacher could get all of the support, accountability, training, knowledge and professional development that make the difference? What if they didn’t need to travel to receive high-level professional development? What if they could access on demand training anywhere, at any time and on any device?


Step 1: Find a Course

Interesting in learning from a global PE Expert? Then browse through the hundreds of on demand courses or search the specific categories. You'll find 100's of hours of training across all areas of Physical Education. Best of all we're constantly adding new material to the 'Netflix for PE Teachers'. Our software can also provide recommendations on what you should learn next.

Step 2: Start Learning

Once you've found what you're after, you can get started from any device with an internet connection. You can pause, stop, rewind and complete the courses at your own pace. You choose how and when you learn best. We even let you take exportable notes using our internal note capture tool.

Step 3: Receive Certificate

Once you've completed all requirements of the course you can mark it as completed and receive your personalised certificate. We also archive your certificates on our server so you only need to focus on becoming a better PE Teacher. 

Featuring Training From Global PE Practitioners, Academics & Experts

Carl Condliffe

New Zealand

Dale Sidebottom


DR Vicky Goodyear


Jace Ferguson


DR Shane Pill


Tracy Lockwood


Jarrod Robinson


Jo Bailey


Ilse Fullarton


Andy Vasily

Saudi Arabia


The HD Recordings From Connected PE Annual Conference

Get access to the HD Keynote & Masterclass recordings from the 2016 & 2017 ConnectedPE Conference in Dubai. These exclusive recordings are not available anywhere else & make it feel like you are in full attendance in the sessions. 

Free Workshop Anywhere On Earth

Annual members can join us at any ConnectedPE Hosted or PE Geek workshop anywhere around the globe. These events sell at $250 per ticket and you get to attend as many as you like for FREE.

Download Resources

Download a collection of ultra high quality resources from our community library. Check back often as the resources grow through member & expert contributions. 

Access The PE Games Database

Access an ever expanding collection of  100's of PE Games in video and text formats to help you take your classes to the next level. (Press play to see a tour of the database & lesson planning feature)

Get the Training & Support you Need to Take
Your PE Classroom to the Next Level

Join Groups of Interest

Have a craving for a particular topic of interest? Join one of the internal groups and you'll be notified as new relevant content becomes available. You can even choose to share resources and things you discover with others. 

Personalised Training & Support

Our software enables you to receive a targeted training experience personalised to match your professional development needs. The software will suggest next steps and provide support based on your needs, interests & progress so far. 

Exclusive Monthly Webinars

Join us for game-changing LIVE webinars from world class leaders guaranteed to skill you up. All webinars are recorded and stored inside the library just in case you’re unable to make it LIVE. Watch at your convenience via the website or mobile apps.

Community Spotlights

There’s nothing better than learning with others. Each month we highlight a member from the community via the ConnectedPE Podcast. We break down exactly what’s working in their classrooms and share resources you can use in yours. 

Members Only Resources

Access all of the eBooks, Video eCourse Libraries, Tutorial Worksheets, Digital Resources & Access to PE Geek Products. Members can also share and view members-submitted lessons, transcripts, resources, parent note templates, and more!

Personalised Certificates

Access 100's of hours of high-level professional development all on-demand. Best of all your learning is credited with personalised certificates on completion. Perfect for your record keeping & evidence portfolio.


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Got a burning question? It may be answered already below!

Will I have direct access to ‘Jarrod’, The PE Geek?

Yes! Absolutely. Jarrod is the central player in everything that happens within ConnectedPE. He host's all of the webinars and conferences & curates the expert presenters. He’s never been more excited about being involved in a project and has enjoyed seeing ConnectedPE grow to beyond 1,000 members. 

How do I know if ConnectedPE is right for me?

If you’re a PE Teacher that’s struggling to take keep up with the rapid pace of the teaching world, being a member of ConnectedPE Community WILL help you. It’s been proven that if you learn from the best and surround yourself with like-minded people, your success will soar. ConnectedPE is focused on making sure that the world’s best professional development is accessible to all, from any device & at any time.

Can I get a refund?

Community Access is billed on a monthly, or annual basis. We operate a strict no-refund policy. No refunds for partial months or annual membership, including upgrading / downgrading of membership will be given. 

How can I cancel my membership?

We hope you stick around for the long-term because, ultimately, that’s what will bring results. However, if you do want to cancel, email accounts at connectedpe.com and request to cancel your active subscriptions

Does becoming a member guarantee results in my classroom?

The action YOU take in your professional development journey will have a direct effect on how you progress. Although we can’t guarantee results, one thing we can guarantee is that we will do everything we can to provide a community that gives you the know-how, support and accountability you need to succeed, grow and develop. Whether you do so, or not is entirely up to you and the action you take. 

I have an annual plan. How do I access a FREE PE Geek Workshop?

Simply visit the community forum and find the workshop section. Once you know which workshop you would like to attend, let us know and we’ll add you FREE of charge to that event. If you’re not on an annual plan and want to secure your free workshop, simply upgrade here. If you’ve already registered for a workshop, securing ConnectedPE access won’t entitle you to a refund. Community access needs to come first and be via Credit Card only.

Do you offer access to the community for an entire PE Department?

We sure do. Visit the following page to find out more

I am a Basic/Pro/Elite Member of The PE Geek Website. Can I get access to the Community?

No. The PE Geek Community is a separate entity. Your membership entitles you to access resources and free apps on The PE Geek Blog only. If you wish to be part of the Community you can revoke your membership and switch across to the community here. Alternatively, you can keep your membership and secure community access by purchasing the community on this page.

Do you accept purchase orders?

All payment is completed online using Credit Card and PayPal (the exception is department membership). We're more than happy to issue an invoice or official receipt following the payment. If you require one of these, contact accounts at connectedpe.com & the team will help you.