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Innovative Fitness & Physical Activity Workshops – New Zealand Tour

Innovative Fitness & Physical Activity Workshops – New Zealand Tour

Come and experience one of the most exciting workshops available. Dale Sidebottom has been described as the Energizer Bunny of PE teaching. He’s packing all of his amazing content and resources into one day of action packed learning. He has changed the way fitness is conducted in school settings around the world. With his love of fitness, energy and passion to get students moving he is excited to share his full day workshop which will give teachers the skills, knowledge and resources that will change the way they teach & get their students active.

Teachers who attend will receive full resource packs of fitness resources, brain breaks, musical workouts and much more. These activities have been receiving rave reviews from teachers around the world. Dale will show teachers how to get students moving inside and outside of the classroom in ways you have never seen before.


Upcoming Sessions in New Zealand

Auckland – Monday June 26th [Register Now]

Wellington – Wednesday June 28th [Register Now]


The main areas that will be covered during the workshop include:

·Fitness board games

·Musical workouts

·Brain breaks and energy breaks

·Team building fitness games

·Dice and card fitness

·Numeracy & Literacy Fitness Activities classroom teachers will love

·Story based fitness adventures and much much more.


Dale has just recently returned from presenting in Dubai at the ConnectedPE Conference, where he dazzled the crowd with never before seen resources, ideas and enthusiasm.

What attendees have said in Dale’s workshops:

“His high energy and passion for teaching is evident in the workshops he runs. I would highly recommend Dale and everything he is doing.”

“This is the most fun I have had in a single days PD ever”.

“My students are going to be blown away when I start using these resources. Such a worthwhile PD for my teaching development”.

What’s Included?

One full day workshop
Morning tea, light lunch, coffee/tea & water

Who Should Attend? 

Any Primary or High School PE Teacher interested in taking student engagement & physical activity to the next level

Watch Dale in Action?

See Dale in action for yourself below & come along for a full day to experience this amazing workshop for yourself

Jarrod Robinson

Jarrod Robinson

Known online as 'The PE Geek', Jarrod is also the founder of ConnectedPE Community, a global provider of high level professional development for PE Teachers.
Jarrod Robinson

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