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How To Play: Norwegian Ball

How To Play: Norwegian Ball

Name: Norwegian Ball
Students: 2 groups of 8-12

Equipment 1 soccer ball per 2 groups Area Large open space


The first group lines up with the first student designated as the kicker. The object is for the kicker to kick the ball and to run around the group 3 times before group 2 in the field completes its activity. The ball can be kicked in any direction in front of the kicker. Group 2 fielders are scattered until the ball is kicked. Group 2 then run to retrieve the ball. They line up behind the person who has retrieved it. They then pass the ball through each student’s legs, except those of the last student, who holds the ball in the air overhead when it is received. If group 2 performs this activity before the group 1 kicker can circle the group 3 times, the kicker fails to score. Roles are changed once group 1 has had everyone kick the ball.

Video Instruction


  • The kicker dribbles a second ball once around group 1 instead of running 3 times.
  • Group 2 passes the ball overhead to the end of the line


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