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How to Play: Hit My Wicket

How to Play: Hit My Wicket


Hall, grass, hard surface approx basketball size


Soft Volletballs, colour bands, cones or markers and 6 sets of plastic wickets or large cones


Class is divided into two even teams and one team wear colour bands. Players spread out over the whole playing area with one player from each side designated as goalie. Only the goalie is allowed into the penalty area as they move in that area to protect the throws at their team wicket. Goalies are not allowed outside of the penalty area. The aim of the game is for each side to pass the ball around so that they can have a shot at the wicket. Game starts with a throw up at the centre similar to netball or basketball. Whilst passing players cannot run with the ball or contact opposing players. If they break the rules a free throw is awarded to the opponents. After a goal is scored, the game restarts from a free throw awarded to the opponents which is taken just inside the playing area. Goalie who was scored against is changed.

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