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    March 26, 2016 at 5:18 am

    I’m a huge fan of inbox zero!

    Our emails at school were out of control couple years ago so we were given a PD entitled ’email hell to heaven’. Worked a treat for me. Key points I took away from the PD and use every day:
    – switch off notifications
    – set aside time each day (schedule it in) to deal with emails (as opposed to checking them ‘whenever’ you get a spare minute).
    – each email has three options: reply, delay, delete (you work this out pretty quick)
    – only handle each email once (once you’ve finished with it file it or delete it)
    – set up ‘rules’ to send non essential emails to separate folders (ie those interesting but not essential things you subscribe to)
    – use ‘action’ words in brackets in your email subject headings. For example “Year 7 volleyball [reply needed]”. If your colleagues do this too dealing with emails becomes ALOT easier! Other examples of action words might be ‘FYI only’; ‘action needed’; ‘read only’; ‘answer needed today’