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  • Loriann Minka

    January 29, 2016 at 2:28 am
    thepegeek, post: 269, member: 1 wrote:
    Hey Lori, you can email me whenever you like about anything. I might get 200 emails per day, but only important ones like yours end up directly in my quick reply inbox.

    Thank you so much Jarrod! That truly helps me to keep moving forward as I know I have help! The fear of the unknown can be tricky … if you don’t feel you have a back-up plan! That would be you – which takes away all fear!! It was a banner week in my gym thanks to you! Struggling with a few items, but working through the Polar Go Fit system! Did you see their activity monitors?? They look decent, but haven’t had a chance to truly check them out. I didn’t set-up the Polar Go Fit site license as I was told I needed a data transfer tool, but turns out it was for the activity monitors (that we don’t have) should be fully operational soon!