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Episode 35 – The Impact of Mindset in PE with Dan Haesler

Episode 35 – The Impact of Mindset in PE with Dan Haesler

In this episode of the ConnectedPE Podcast we feature a recording from the 2018 ConnectedPE Online Conference with Dan Haesler

Session Outline:

Too many students believe they don’t need to learn, or that they can’t learn. Professor Carol Dweck contends that this is due to students developing a Fixed Mindset with regard to their capabilities. Dweck argues that learning is stunted and many social issues can arise by having a Fixed Mindset. She says in order for students to flourish, they need a Growth Mindset – a disposition that embraces challenge, seeks out feedback and values effort as the pathway to mastery. Could a Growth Mindset be the key to unlocking our students’ potential on PE? And how can teachers and schools cultivate a culture of Growth our approaches to teaching PE? In addition to this, research suggests that the teacher’s mindset has a significant impact on the students in their care. How can we address our mindset in order to challenge expectations and improve our ability to recognise potential in every one of our students?

Watch the complete video recording inside the ConnectedPE community www.connectedpe.com/join

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