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Episode 13 – Flipped Physical Education – What, Why and How? with Carl Condliffe

Episode 13 –  Flipped Physical Education – What, Why and How? with Carl Condliffe

During this episode of The ConnectedPE Podcast we explore a recording from the recent online conference. During the session I’m joined by Carl Condliffe of www.mystudyseries.co.nz, who highlights exactly what flipped learning in physical education is, why you should flip, and ways you can go about flipping your own classes.

Throughout the episode Carl explains why the practical nature of the physical education learning area makes it extremely well suited to a flipped classroom approach. The flipped classroom model involves a reversal of traditional teaching, where students are exposed to new learning material outside of timetabled classes. This can be done in a number of ways, but the use of video in the flipped classroom is becoming more popular.

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