We Should Take Fun More Seriously

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The structures and demands of today’s curriculum frameworks have essentially squeezed the fun out of education. Academic rigour and results are paramount, so much so, that many educational endeavours which focus on fun are either misunderstood, delivered poorly or frowned upon by administrators as a waste of time. Yet, as evidenced by innovative PE classrooms all over the world (and a ton of new scientific research,) a new approach to physical education demands that we take fun more seriously.
In recent years, research has clearly shown that having fun (playing) is as critical to the optimal development of a human being as sleep and nutrition. It is equally clear that all human growth and learning occurs outside one’s comfort zone, in the Stretch Zone, so to speak. Yet, the million dollar question is – how do we, as physical educators, invite students to willingly step outside their comfort zones to try new things, develop their skills and grow? Mark’s simple answer, his most potent weapon to meet this challenge, is to have fun and connect. But, in the words of Dr Suess – “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.”
In this practical and fun webinar, Mark will share his belief that group games and activities are one of the most powerful ways to help students connect, and will describe why strong, positive and healthy relationships will help you amplify the results of whatever you’re trying to get done in your class. Importantly, you will learn the essential elements of a playful approach to help you strengthen and develop connections among your students to set them up for the “test of life, rather than a life of tests.”
The content will be drawn from Mark’s next yet-to-be-published book, volumes of evidence-based research, as well as his latest book, Serious Fun.