Reflections on The Social and Emotional Sides of Teaching

Jarrod Robinson · February 13, 2020

Students remember how you taught much longer than they recall what you taught. Teaching is a caring profession and the more we understand our students, the better we feel about the profession as a whole. It is our responsibility to change student behavior and make a difference in students’ lives. To that end, it is necessary to understand how our behavior impacts the behavior of our students

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  1. Good night. From Caracas, Venezuela Thanks! I have just finished my course of “Reflections on The Social and Emotional Sides of Teaching with Professor Robert Pangrazi” Many things to apply and to reinforce and reform in myself, as a professional in physical education, especially when our educational system is a political lie . It leaves me wanting to go ahead and continue learning and applying these new concepts, perspectives, ideas, guidelines and other factors to apply. Thank you.
    Finally, I would like to know if one can download the video to start as a personal use, a video library. It is good to review certain aspects to correct and improve. Good night.

  2. I really enjoyed this webinar because as an experienced teacher I have always felt so lucky to have the job I have and valued the top operators that have crossed my path. My work is not work and I sometimes smile when a colleague says ‘you get excited about so much’…. I work harder now than I did as a young teacher because I want to be better every day. Thankyou Professor Pangazi!