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Project-Based Learning in PE

PE can be more than just sport and games. PE can be a medium where students engage in authentic problem-solving situations. Using project-based learning, my students have brought awareness of physical literacy to the school, they have been personal trainers to help our school community become healthier and have become intrinsically motivated athletes through researching …

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100 Ways to Use Tech in PE

Join The PE Geek for an action packed tour through 100 different ways you can utilise technologies in your practice. On their own the ideas won’t transform your teaching, but our goal here is to spark the curiosity that drives exploration of these ideas in your lessons.

ConnectedPE Certification

Do you have a passion for sharing & presenting your knowledge to other PE Teachers? Would you like to maximise your opportunities and impact more PE Teachers around the globe? Would you like to be rewarded for your hard work? Introducing the ConnectedPE Certification Program developed by The PE Geek designed to help you amplify your …

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The A-Z of PE Apps

In this webinar, I set myself a challenge to come up with a list of apps that follow alphabetical order, selecting only one app from each letter.  The process of compiling the list proved to be difficult, as many share the same starting letters, ultimately resulting in a need to select one between many favourites. …

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How to Play InvaderBall

Recorded at ConnectedPE 2017 Shane Leverenz from Gopher Sport leads participants through a variety of classroom management and skill development activities leading up to the newest Action! Team game InvaderBall.  This activity can be tailored to any age group or skill level and the unique equipment allows for infinite combination of skill development and game …

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Empowering Students Bell to Bell

In this session, participants will learn practical strategies that can be implemented immediately into physical education class. Maximise your program by learning how to create a positive classroom climate, use effective transitions, integrate meaningful technology, use positive distractions, and embed content standards, while also continuing to meet Shape’s Grade Level Outcomes

Dance Units in P.E. – Made Easy!

Teaching dance in PE doesn’t have to be stressful! Simplify and make dance unit design fun with Teaching Dance for Understanding: a new pedagogical approach for dance education that shakes things up! Forget 5-6-7-8 or complicated choreography. In this workshop, you’ll learn about a simple 6-phase model that will help you design engaging and interACTIVE …

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Practical Approaches to Cultural Fluency in PE

This session will provide participants with an introduction to cultural fluency and practical strategies for increasing culturally relevant instructional effectiveness in physical education classroom

Incorporating Pilates into #PhysEd

Pilates is a mindfulness discipline is not being utilized in PE programs. This session will teach you simple Pilates based movement to incorporate into your physical education toolbox.