What’s Going Right With You?

In this presentation, we will focus on you. Who you are at your best. During this pandemic it has been easy to forget about taking care of our own wellbeing. Come join me for some uninterrupted time to focus on YOU. We will explore possible wellness interventions that you could apply in your daily life …

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Differentiation in a practical Physical Education class

Like a typical classroom, students come into a Physical Education practical setting with a variety of skills, prior experiences and abilities. This session will explore strategies on how to cater for a wider range of learners and in turn, achieve a level of all growth for students in the group.

PE and Project-Based Learning

Projects are a critical aspect to human society, and when appropriately delivered in an education setting these projects can curate essential lifelong skills in our students. This webinar aims to introduce you to PBL (project-based learning), how it can be implemented into your lessons, and explains why this approach can make PE relevant for 21st …

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Future Workforce Skills & PE Teacher Framework

Independent, autonomous life-long learners will out-earn those who refuse to learn. Damian’s presentation will explore the global impacts of COVID-19 on the education sector and showcase why tomorrow’s workforce skills are the currency student-athletes must develop today. He will share a P.E Teaching Frameworks that will empower educators to prepare their student-athletes for the most …

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