Implementing Meaningful Physical Education

In this session participants will reflect on the movement experiences that have meaning for them as we consider the pedagogical principles that can help facilitate more meaningful movement experiences for students in Physical Education. This presentation builds upon ideas of meaningfulness in PE and youth sport as outlined by S. Beni, T. Fletcher and colleagues.

Next Level Sports Carnivals

In this 40 minute webinar we’ll focus on how Sports Tracker Software is allowing schools all around the globe to take their Track & Field, Swimming and Cross Country carnivals to the next level. What You Will Learn In The Webinar How Sports Tracker Saves You Time!You’re already busy enough. The last thing you need …

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Maximizing Engagement

Maximizing Engagement empowers teachers with exciting new tools and strategies for maximizing student engagement that can be immediately implemented in the Primary and Secondary Health and Physical Education setting. Current Health and Physical Education Teacher, Wayne Schultz teams up with Cricket Australia’s Sean de Morton (Teacher and Education Specialist) to share many tips and tricks …

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All Work No Play

In this action-packed webinar you will find more moments of joy and happiness daily.Play is a simple way to be present in the moment. When you are truly present, stress and worry melts away, making you more mindful and connected. We all know this is good for us, but when was the last time you …

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What drives Quality Physical Education?

A Review & Meta-Analysis of Physical Education Effects of Cognitive, Social, Affective & Psychomotor Learning. “Physical education (PE) has long fought with its “muddled mission” (Pate & Hohn, 1994) however it is becoming increasingly accepted that PE addresses a broad understanding of learning occurring across at least four domains. For the first time in over …

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The Power of Knowing

Linking purpose, intentions and outcomes to make better decisionsThe importance of capturing better student voiceWhat data does miMove collect and how is it being used – insight from practitioner co-presenterBuilding connectivity using digitalCase study of the impact miMove is having

Designing Lessons that Stick

No matter if you are teaching in-person or virtually, you always want to create a lesson that grasps the attention and engagement of your students and make it stick. Join me in this session where we explore the framework of designing effective lessons, use practical implications and discuss how you can start creating lessons that …

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