Invasion Handball Games for Elementary Students

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In this work shop I will share how I introduce Handball Invasion games. During these invasion games, the team need two (2) players to score a point together. This encourages players to engage all players on their team and develop a team strategy. Students will play invasion games with hula-hoops on the floor, height adjustable hula-hoops on a post, rebounding thoucks, elevated dice on a cone and a wall for “wall-ball”.

My school is a PYP school, so we use elements of the Learner Profile Attitudes and related concepts (spatial awareness, safety, teamwork, competition, fair play, roles, leadership and motivation) during our lessons. Students also think about how the rules of each game evolve, while we play the invasion handball games. Often I use the “chameleon-player” concept. This player is part of both teams, but only when they have ball possession. In that way there is always an “open player” to pass the ball to. I will share rubrics, reference to resources and visual cues.