Are You Really Assessing Your Students?

This webinar will assist teachers in understanding not only the importance of assessment in physical education, but the multiple types of assessments that are essential to a program. Assessment is essential to show student growth, but more importantly to have evidence for stakeholders to evaluate in order to continue to develop a quality physical education program. This webinar will discuss formative assessment and summative assessment concepts through the use of traditional and technological methods. By the end of this webinar, teachers will be able to create a variety of assessment tools as well as implement assessment strategies in their classroom. Teachers will realize that assessment is the root of a quality physical education program and must be considered during every physical education class regardless of the grade level. In addition, teachers will know that multiple types of assessments, not just one method, are necessary when evaluating student progress and/or a physical education program.Assessment Examined: Are You Really Assessing Your Students?

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