AI Tools in PE

Join us for a truly immersive, hands-on, 60-minute webinar that’s set to revolutionise your approach to physical education teaching. At ConnectedPE, we’ve pioneered a suite of groundbreaking AI tools designed to streamline everything from lesson planning to report writing. But this isn’t just your average webinar – it’s a real-time, interactive learning experience. During the …

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Harnessing Video Feedback in PE

Who Is This Webinar For: This session is tailored for Physical Education teachers who have access to devices that can leverage the Google Chrome browser (laptops, Chromebooks) and are keen on transforming these gadgets into powerful feedback instruments. 1. The transformative role of video feedback in skill development2. Why hands-free video delay trumps traditional video …

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Using Mindfulness in PE to Support Student (& Teacher) Well-being

Regular Mindfulness practice supports a large number of health benefits including emotional regulation, improved focus and attention, reduction of anxiety and depression, and enhancing empathy. In this session I will present some simple ways that teachers can incorporate mindfulness into everyday PE class (and beyond) to support student well-being and social emotional learning.

Teaching games in Physical Education to address multiple student outcomes

Games and sports make up approximately half of the PE curriculum for children and adolescents, in addition to other movement skills such as gymnastics, dance, athletics and swimming. Therefore, it is essential that we continue to strive for best-practice methodology in order to maximise student development in the 4 key learning outcomes of: (1) psychomotor …

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From assessment to reflection – the student’s role in Physical Education and Aquatics

In physical education the role of the learner goes beyond being physically active, educators should provide environments and opportunities for learners to take more active roles throughout the learning process. This presentation shares examples of how year 2 students take active roles in assessing skills, setting learning goals, planning lessons and reflecting throughout the engagement …

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How to Enhance Learning Through “Mindful Movement”

Study after study shows that physical activity throughout the day activates the brain, improves cognitive function, and is correlated with improved academic performance. Less talked about, however, is “mindful movement” – i.e., tying movement to content learning. The method of Total Physical Response, for example, is one that has students acting out physical gestures to …

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Fun Pool Noodle Games

Showing 20-30 activities with prerecorded videos for better effect and very short talking head in between. Edited version of my live presentation at the Motor Skill Learning Live Conference in Basel, Switzerland in 2022.

Infusing African Indigenous Games in PE

The world is becoming a global village and it’s high time to make the rest of the world understand the logic and lessons behind African indigenous games.

How to Execute Positive Education into PE

During this session Ash will take you through ways you can execute positive education / wellbeing in your PE lessons. He will show you games, practical activities and reflections that you can do to build and protect the mental wellbeing of your students in a fun, engaging and non-threatening way.