Online Conference 2019

Why We Sleep

This session looks at the purpose and implications of sleep on our health and wellbeing. Based on the international best selling book by Matthew Walker. We look at sleep and the impacts on our physical and psychological health.

Creating a Culture of Kindness Through Friendship Skills

Explicitly teaching children how to develop healthy friendships and manage conflict in a positive way is at the heart of helping them flourish. These important social skills are the key to bullying prevention, creating safe, caring learning environments, and inspiring kinder, happier children. Educators will learn how schools around the world are using URSTRONG’s unique, …

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Google Apps for HPE

This webinar will introduce attendees to some of the key aspects of using Google Applications. Teachers will be given practical ideas of how they could use Google Apps for both Health and PE lessons. Including how to make interactive videos or websites, using forms for peer and self assessment of skills, and easy ways to …

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Individualizing PE Units

An overview of how Individualizing one unit to cater for personal interest led to an Individualized approach to throughout the year, including Sports Day!

Why Physical Education is the Cornerstone to Physical Literacy and LTAD

This session will help you advocate for PE with your admin and decision makers by exploring why PE is central to a youth-centric positive development program through human movement. Concepts of cradle-to-grave promotion of physical literacy and LTAD that promulgate the importance of PE will be discussed.

A Dance Unit in a Nutshell!

In this webinar, I will take you through an entire dance unit from start to finish. I will show you fun dance games like the beat challenge, dance tag, and follow-the-leader that help students learn about rhythm, levels, pathways and force in dance.  The best part is, I will share with you an abundance of …

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A Well-being centred approach to teaching Physical Education

Hauora is a Māori philosophy of health that encompasses the physical (taha tinana), mental/emotional (taha hinengaro), social (taha whānau) and spriritual (taha wairua) dimensions. Hauora is one of the underlying concepts of the NZ Health and Physical Education curriculum. This presentation will explore how physical education can be delivered in primary schools using the holistic …

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Running a Large Group Sport Ed Tchoukball Unit

In this presentation participants will learn how to successfully organize and implement a successful sports education unit on tchoukball. Free Task cards will be given out at the end of the presentation.