Inspiring Students

Future Workforce Skills & PE Teacher Framework

Independent, autonomous life-long learners will out-earn those who refuse to learn. Damian’s presentation will explore the global impacts of COVID-19 on the education sector and showcase why tomorrow’s workforce skills are the currency student-athletes must develop today. He will share a P.E Teaching Frameworks that will empower educators to prepare their student-athletes for the most […]

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The New Class of Influencers

This session is built for PE Teachers who want to increase student motivation and maximize results in PE. Educators will be introduced to Lenita’s 5-step HEART framework that will empower them to thrive as the leading influencers in schools today. Teachers will learn fresh, effective and practical ways to bring love and life back into

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Changing Lives

Keynote Recording from ConnectedPE Conference in Dubai October 13-14th, 2017 In looking back at our own journeys, we all have specific reasons for choosing a career in the field of physical education and health. This keynote will challenge you to define why it is you chose this profession and to reflect deeply on the impact

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