ConnectedPE Certification

Empower Your PE Teaching: A Comprehensive Course to Amplify Your Impact, Share Your Expertise Globally, and Elevate Your Professional Worth.

Why take this course?

Embarking on the journey of the ConnectedPE Certification Program isn’t just about gaining a title; it’s about embracing a transformation that propels you to new professional heights in the world of Physical Education.

In this specialized course,  you will unlock strategies that go beyond traditional approaches, allowing you to expand your influence and impact on a global scale. Positioned in front of a network of over 20,000 PE teachers worldwide, you’ll be empowered to showcase your expertise, enhance your brand, and become a revered contributor to a global educational community.

Harnessing these strategies doesn’t only pave the way for professional triumph but also fosters a lifestyle marked by passion, fulfillment, and continuous growth. You don’t just become a part of the program; you evolve into a beacon of inspiration and knowledge in the PE community.

Join a Thriving Community of Educators Elevating Their Impact and Influence Globally

Embarking on the ConnectedPE Certification Program is not solely about amplifying your income—it’s about elevating your influence and opening doors to unprecedented opportunities in the global PE community.

While I can’t make specific promises regarding the multiplication of your earnings, consider the broader horizons that participation in this program could unveil. Imagine the enrichment that an additional few hundred dollars a week or an extra $1-2k a month could bring to your personal and professional realms.

But beyond the financial prospects, picture the profound impact of sharing your expertise, insights, and passion with a vast global audience. This isn’t merely about personal gain; it’s about contributing to a ripple effect of knowledge and innovation across the PE landscape.

Engaging in this program doesn’t just offer breathing room in your financial life; it propels you onto a global stage, facilitating connections, collaboration, and shared growth, allowing your work to resonate, inspire, and open doors to boundless opportunities.”

The opportunities are truly endless.

And inside the course, you’ll discover exactly what you can do to join the teachers from around the world who are working towards improving their lives and impacting others

You’ll also discover how everything you need to achieve the success you’ve dreamed of is already at your disposal. (You probably don’t believe me, but as you complete the course, you’ll see exactly what I mean…)

It’s practically a blueprint that reveals a “step-by-step” path on how you can leverage the skills you already have, in order to get paid what you’re worth

Course Outline

Week 1 - Become a Magnet

In this section of the course, we’ll show what it takes to become a magnet or more specifically how to be sought out by people who need your help.

Week 2 - All About Content

Now that we’ve got the attention of a small group of people it’s time to learn how to create quick and meaningful content that builds your expertise and helps people achieve real outcomes.

Week 3 - Social Media

What good is amazing content if no one sees it? In this section, we’ll show you how to quickly get your content in front of the right people to further grow your audience and authority.

Week 4 - Funnels

How can we use email to automatically deliver extra value to the small group of people who follow you automatically? In this section, we’ll dive into funnels and how they can help maximize your impact and lead you towards your first sales.

Week 5 - Product Design & Validation

Now that you’ve got a group of people following you we’ll dive into how you can leverage them to create your first original products. Best of all we’ll show you how to validate them with your audience before you invest time, energy and effort into their creation.

Week 6 - The Final Webinar

Upon crafting your first product, we’ll guide you in launching a webinar to the expansive ConnectedPE network. This will spotlight your expertise before the world’s largest assembly of PE teachers, amplifying your influence and fostering valuable connections, while facilitating the conversion of your audience insights into meaningful purchase

About The Author

Jarrod Robinson is a Physical Education teacher from Victoria, Australia, with a mission to share impactful knowledge and expertise with the world. Starting in 2008, Jarrod used his blog, The PE Geek, to share innovative classroom strategies, quickly attracting over 100,000 monthly visitors.

Jarrod believes that educators hold valuable insights and owe it to the world to share their expertise. This belief fuels his work as an entrepreneur, where he runs a successful company, manages multiple apps, and collaborates with a global network of educators to build secondary revenue streams and make a broader impact.


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ConnectedPE Certification

What do others say about ConnectedPE Certification

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Got a burning question?
It may be answered already below!

Got a burning question?It may be answered already below!

Jarrod Robinson is extraordinarily qualified to lead the ConnectedPE Certification, bringing a wealth of experience, innovation, and proven success.

  1. Proven Success in Revenue Generation: Jarrod has harnessed the power of online platforms to generate millions of dollars, mastering the strategies essential for substantial online success.

  2. Building a Global Impact: Using his revenue and online acumen, Jarrod cultivated ConnectedPE into a global business powerhouse that profoundly impacts teachers and the broader educational community worldwide.

  3. Unlocking Access to a Wide Audience: Participants in the certification program benefit immensely from Jarrod’s experience, gaining privileged access to a vast network. Jarrod’s guidance will empower you to position yourself effectively in front of this impactful audience, maximizing your global reach and influence.

  4. Dedication to Elevating Others: Jarrod’s mission goes beyond personal success. He is dedicated to leveraging his knowledge and network to elevate other educators, guiding them in unlocking new opportunities and achieving remarkable professional growth.

Jarrod’s exceptional journey from a PE teacher to a global business influencer makes him the ideal mentor to navigate you through the pathways of success in the ConnectedPE Certification program.”

Deciding if the ConnectedPE Certification is right for you depends on your professional goals and readiness to invest in your development. The certification is ideal if:

  1. You’re passionate about PE: You have valuable insights, methods, or expertise that you believe can benefit the global PE community.

  2. You’re ready to share: You feel a responsibility to share your knowledge and experiences to help elevate the field of physical education.

  3. You aim to expand your influence: You wish to leverage the ConnectedPE platform to reach and impact a broader audience, positioning yourself as an expert in front of over 20,000 PE teachers globally.

  4. You’re prepared to invest in yourself: You’re ready to commit both financially and personally to enhance your skills, boost your visibility, and open new professional doors.

If these aspects align with your current aspirations and readiness, the ConnectedPE Certification may be a powerful catalyst for your professional growth and impact.”

Completing the ConnectedPE Certification course is a powerful step towards success, but it’s essential to understand that success is not guaranteed merely by course completion. The program provides a robust framework, tools, strategies, and access to a vast network, positioning you in front of a global audience of over 20,000 PE teachers.

However, your success will largely depend on various factors, including:

  1. Application of Knowledge: The effectiveness with which you apply the learnings, strategies, and tools from the course to your own professional context.

  2. Consistency and Effort: The consistency and quality of effort you invest in building, refining, and promoting your brand and offerings.

  3. Continuous Learning: Your willingness to stay updated, adapt to new insights, and continuously enhance your skills and approaches.

  4. Networking and Collaboration: Actively engaging with the ConnectedPE community, collaborators, and other networks to amplify your reach and impact.

Remember, the ConnectedPE Certification program is designed to be a catalyst, accelerating your journey towards success, but it requires active participation, application, and continuous effort on your part to fully realize the benefits.

The certification course is a digital product that elevates you and your expertise amongst our community. As such there can be no refunds, please make sure you are right for Certification before embarking.