Golf Punt

Students Groups of 3-5 Equipment 1 playground ball or football per student. 9 hoops and 9 marker cones. Area Large open space Instructions Set out a school golf course using marker cones as tee-off areas and hoops as lobbing holes. Set out each ‘lob’ so there is at least 50 meters between tee-off and the …

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Rebound Punt

Students Pairs Equipment 1 round ball per pair Area Open space with rebound wall Instructions Students punt the ball as hard as possible into a rebound wall so that it ricochets high and long. The aim is to increase the distance between the wall and the landing spot.

Step it Out

Students Pairs Equipment 1 softball per pair Area Large open space Instructions 1 student punts, the other scores and retrieves the ball. The furthest punt is scored by the first bounce the ball takes when the student throws it. Points equal the number of steps the partner has to take to reach the ball. Students …

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