Memory Mats

Students Small groups Equipment Memory mats (ie various pictures of body parts, numbers, shapes, colours or words) made from cardboard or chalk drawings Area Large open space Instructions 1 student lists a sequence of named squares on to which another student must jump. Jumps may be performed forwards, backwards or in a sideways direction. The

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Jumping circuit

Students Whole class Equipment See diagram and activity description Area Grassed surface open space Instructions Set up 7 activity stations. Groups of students spend 3 minutes at each station and rotate on a signal. Warm up: ‘Jack in the Box’, ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’, or teach ‘motorbike landings’. Station 1: Students vertical jump over a

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Jump Jim Jo

Students Whole class Equipment Tape deck/CD player and music Area Large open space Instructions Students form two rings, one inner circler and one outer, facing a partner, and hold their partner’s hands. 4 counts: Students jump twice slowly anti-clockwise. Jump, jump. Students jump 3 quick jumps on the spot … pause. Oh, jump Jim Jo.

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